I've been designing digital products for nearly 15 years and I've accumulated a ton of experience along the way. My passion is design engineering and developer-centr design, while shepherding teams I work with through the design-dev processes.

I've had the privilege of working with great teams on many successful projects, some of which have been featured in the TechCrunch and other tech blogs and print publications.

During my career, I’ve taken on multiple roles across various disciplines, including product design, front-end development, project management, and creative direction.

I have worked on many projects in different sectors, such as gaming, healthcare, entertainment, telecommunications, education, and more. I have worked with partners such as Roche, MIT, Caltech, and various startups in AI/ML back in 2017.

This is an eyebrow-rising moment but I also I practiced law for over 10 years. While being an attorney-at-law I was able to witness business insight within many industries, ranging from real estate, through healthcare, to coal, oil & gas mining.

Privately I’m an aesthete, sports and art enthusiast, basketball and sailing fanatic.

Now, through UI Crux, I’m excited to share what I’ve learned with fellow designers to help them grow their value and release their full potential.

UI Crux is a guide and a comprehensive resource repository for UX/UI/Product Designers to empower them in becoming engineers’ true ally, learning how to speak their language, while still designing user-centered products of tomorrow.

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